Pharmacy Advantage Announces Partnership with Pack Health.

Partnership provides patients with personal health coaches

Pharmacy Advantage and Pack Health, based in Birmingham, AL, announced today a unique partnership that will connect DromosPTM software to Pack Health’s digital health coaching program. This collaboration will provide patients a continuum of care and self-help tools needed to improve their current condition.

“Linking our DromosPTM software to Pack Health’s services creates a synergistic approach to patient care,” said Jonathan Van Lare, Director of Specialty Pharmacy Services at Pharmacy Advantage. “While our pharmacists, nurses, and patient care coordinators utilize DromosPTM to document clinical drug counseling sessions, submit prior authorizations, track financial assistance, and overall monitor therapy results, Pack Health works with the patient to provide the accountability factor. By ensuring patients are making the right lifestyle choices to support improved health outcomes, Pack Health adds a holistic treatment element that is invaluable.”

“Pack Health is a natural addition to Pharmacy Advantage’s platform because it offers individuals with personalized support to improve their overall well-being and access the right care.” said Pack Health President and Co-founder, Mazi Rasulnia, PhD. “And, that is why we started Pack Health in the first place. Managing chronic conditions can be overwhelming and having access to a personal health coach and tools helps overcome many barriers to care that individuals face.”

Together, DromosPTM users and the Pack Health team will be able to provide patients with the following outcomes:

  • Develop better self-management skills to improve well-being
  • Customized communication via phone, email and/or text
  • Assist with prescription medication regimens and refills
  • Identification of barriers to the patient’s health improving and experience

This partnership will help shape the specialty pharmacy market and provide the next step in educating patients on better life-style choices. In addition, this initiative will help them develop habits that will improve their overall health while addressing their specific conditions.

The collaboration is set to launch in the second quarter of 2017.

About Pharmacy Advantage

Pharmacy Advantage is a Michigan-based organization that provides compassionate care as well as comprehensive Medication Therapy Management Programs to patients with acute and chronic conditions. Incorporated specialty services: free prescription delivery, benefits investigation, financial assistance programs and disease specific clinical counseling. As part of an integrated delivery network, our workflow encompasses systems to certify appropriate medication utilization, adherence, and routine preventative measures to limit adverse reactions. Pharmacy Advantage: A healthy dose of compassion.

About Pack Health

Pack Health is a digital health coaching company that helps people overwhelmed by a diagnosis access the right care and develop the self-management skills to improve well-being. Pack Health members work one-on-one with a nonclinical Health Advisor, online and over the phone, to address social determinants of health and achieve personal health goals. Results include quality life years added, higher satisfaction, better clinical outcomes, and lower total medical cost. Learn more at