DromosPTM 2021 Year in Review

Happy New Year from the DromosPTM team.  We have been silent here these past few months because we have been so busy this past year.  I thought I would share some of our major accomplishments with you today:

  • Launched 3 new disease state care plans
  • Added validated measurement tools for each disease state
  • Created patient-facing assessments and integrated the assessment system into the patient portal and new mobile app
  • Added some unique features and functionality to DromosPTM such as assigning specific questions to different user level types (Pharmacist, Nurse, Technician, etc.) within the same assessment/care plan
  • Started development work with one of our clients to integrate Dromos into their electronic medical record
  • Added Redsail Technologies QS/1 platform as a pharmacy management system partner
  • Added two-factor authentication for added security
  • Added an API for clients to programmatically update DromosPTM for things like enrolling a patient, scheduling a counseling call and more
  • We signed 4 new specialty pharmacies that have or will be launching DromosPTM within their establishments this year
  • We signed 2 new clients to utilize our new patient therapy management mobile app, which is also integrated with DromosPTM

We are excited about what 2022 will bring.  Wishing everyone a safe, healthy, and prosperous new year.

DromosPTM is a cloud-based software application focused on Patient Therapy Management, analytics, and workflow processes for Specialty Pharmacies (SP).  DromosPTM fills a gap in this rapidly growing industry by elegantly addressing the complexities of pharmacy accreditation while providing a highly flexible and configurable platform that adapts to the way individual SPs operate.  As a result of this flexibility, SPs can rapidly onboard new specialty medications and their protocols, resulting in an increase in revenue.  SPs are also able to shorten dispensing times and implement medication and disease state-specific assessments which provide a tailored approach to individual care, thus improving medication adherence, and increasing both patient safety and satisfaction.

Dromos PTM is a patient management system that provides a comprehensive counseling program, and an electronic medical record interface that all work together to help create superior patient care. It was created by pharmacists for pharmacists and serves as a tool for managing patient prescriptions and interactions.

Summary of Dromos’ Pharmacy Workflow Management offerings:

  • Configurable Disease state and Medication Specific Assessments
  • Prior Authorization Management
  • Financial Assistance Management
  • Manufacturer & Payer Reporting
  • E-Fax Management
  • Patient Portal and Mobile Application
  • DromosPTM has accreditation support built into its technology. Our therapy management software prompts and assists you in taking the patient-related actions that accreditation standards require.