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About DromosPTM

For Better Outcomes. And Better Incomes.


Developed by clinical pharmacists at Pharmacy Advantage, DromosPTM addresses the full spectrum of challenges specialty pharmacies face every day. It’s an easily-configurable Patient Therapy Management solution for streamlining clinical activities — from securing prior authorizations (and / or supplementary funding) to simplifying processes for drug delivery, refill, and counseling support.

Since its 2014 launch, Pharmacy Advantage’s pharmacists have used the system to build an unsurpassed warehouse of proprietary patient outcome data; a wealth of information equaled only by DromosPTM’s drug reference resource database feature — offering instant access to manufacturer information, including potential allergies & interactions.

It’s also a powerful business tool — guiding pharmacy operators toward best practices and eliminating duplicative tasks, while generating invaluable operational metrics. And by automating workflows, DromosPTM maximizes pharmacists’ opportunities for genuine interaction, and hands-on counseling, with each patient served.

In short, DromosPTM gives everyone to do the job they trained for. Better. Faster. With less stress, and more job satisfaction.

Less Stress

More Job Satisfaction

Easy to implement, integrate and master

DromosPTM is a Software-as-a-Service (SAAS) product, requiring only a secure internet connection to use. The system already integrates into McKesson’s EnterpriseRx — and can be adapted to work with practically any dispensing software system used by pharmacies today.

Its intuitive user interface, refined over a six year period of development and utilization, can be easily mastered by most users within a week; some pharmacists have even reported achieving basic operational competence within a single day.

Configurable for your pharmacy operations

DromosPTM can be tailored to suit the operational needs of a hospital, specialty or retail pharmacy. Individualized user roles, as well as detailed permissions, allow each staff member to see — and do — exactly what’s necessary at any given time. Configurable workflows allow for fast, easy changes to processes — whenever needed to meet the evolving requirements of pharmacy staff, patients, prescribers, third party payors and drug manufacturers.

Enhances reporting and monitoring capabilities

DromosPTM enables pharmacists to easily record and report data on treatment, counseling, adherence and outcomes for each patient. The system also generates a variety of the dispensing, inventory and patient status reports required by drug manufacturers to secure limited-distribution drug contracts.

Positions pharmacies for growth

At the inception in 2011, one of the central goals of DromosPTM’s development team was to help Pharmacy Advantage better serve the needs of its expanding base of complex patients. Since the system’s 2014 launch, Pharmacy Advantage has experienced significant increases in total revenue — particularly in specialty medication revenue.

Nationwide, increases in specialty pharmaceutical spending far outpace growth in traditional medication spending. In 2015, specialty therapies accounted for 37% of total US prescription expenses. That share of the total expenditure is expected to reach 50% by 2018. At the most fundamental level, the trend is due to a growing and aging US population — which will continue to drive demand for specialty treatments addressing a wide range of specific and rare disease states.

Improves patient outcomes

DromosPTM improves clinical outcomes by certifying that patients receive their medications when and where they need them. The system enables clinicians to easily develop individualized care plans for patients, with regular counseling to ensure compliance with often-complex medication regimens. The plans are then tracked and routinely followed-up on, with personal counseling support, to help patients cope with their health problems. Work queues include proactive scheduling — to confirm that prior authorizations are renewed before they expire; refills are scheduled before medications run out; and patients are supported each step of the way.

Increases pharmacy revenues

In the healthcare industry today, data increasingly drives providers’ ability to attract and serve patients. One of DromosPTM’s most valuable functions is the approach to capturing detailed clinical and operational outcomes. The system makes it easy to report the exact information drug manufacturers covet — and can adapt to changing data requirements over time. All of which can drive additional revenue — both from data reporting contracts and access to limited-distribution medications.

DromosPTM gives specialty pharmacies operational and data management capabilities that increase the likelihood of earning third-party accreditations — a key requirement from pharmaceutical manufacturers for pharmacies seeking to dispense specialty drugs.

During its first three years using DromosPTM, Pharmacy Advantage generated more than $770,000 of income from service agreements with drug manufacturers. Moreover, Pharmacy Advantage’s total billing has grown from less than $71 million in 2011 to over $236 million in 2016.



Drives operational efficiencies

DromosPTM has enabled Pharmacy Advantage to achieve a prior authorization approval rate of nearly 90%, and to fill most prescriptions within 48 hours — compared to an industry-wide average of 10 days. In addition, DromosPTM provides valuable intelligence into dispensing and adherence challenges — from rejected insurance claims and treatment of adverse events to financial reasons, including patients’ inability to pay.

approval rate


Since the launch of DromosPTM at Pharmacy Advantage, data-entry time is down, workflows have become streamlined, and clinicians are spending more time focused on patients. All of which has led to a significant increase in staff morale.

Features of DromosPTM

Flexible software guiding you toward best practices

Prior Authorizations

Manage the Prior Authorization process with the efficient queue based platform.

Patient Counseling

Detailed support designed to educate patients on improving compliance and therapeutic outcomes.

Electronic Faxing

Easily Send and Receive faxes electronically from within your DromosPTM workflows.

Financial Assistance

Track Financial Assistance programs to help patients’ access expensive therapies.

EnterpriseRx Integration

DromosPTM links to McKesson's EnterpriseRx to exchange data, saving time and reducing errors.

Flexible Workflows

Use tag based workflows to quickly and easily update your internal processes with no code or configuration changes.

Team Dashboard

View workloads and productivity levels in real time to effectively allocate team resources and assist patients.

Physician Portal*

Prescribers can effortlessly fill out Medication Request Forms online to expedite the Prior Authorization initiation.

Patient Portal

Integrates with your pharmacy management system allowing patients to refill prescriptions and update addresses & phone numbers.

Manufacturer Reporting

We build and provide complex reports for manufacturers' limited distribution medications.

Detailed Permissions

Finely grained permissions allow you to control specified features each staff member can access.

Hosted For You

DromosPTM is hosted in Amazon Web Services. All you need is a web browser.

* = Feature Currently Under Development


DromosPTM solves business problems and creates invaluable data

DromosPTM is not a one-size solution, and can be configured for any level of experienced health system, specialty pharmacy, or retail pharmacy. Modules can be activated or deactivated at any time to suit the specific pharmacy’s operational and patient needs.

DromosPTM enhances pharmacy operations & clinical services…
Workflow Enhancement Flexible workflow software guiding pharmacy operators toward best practices while eliminating duplicative tasks
Patient Therapy Management (PTM) State-of-the-art technology to streamline and enhance clinical activities
Data Warehousing Robust and accessible reporting from internal and integrated databases
…and generates powerful insights in turn
Treatment Outcomes Meticulously reported patient outcomes – permanently stored and easily accessible by clinicians and third parties
Quality Metrics Detailed insights into business performance and operational efficiency
Marriage of Health Data (Under Development) Unification of financial and clinical outcome data with full integration into electronic medical record (EMR) systems


What the people using DromosPTM everyday say about it.

Daniel Kus, BS Pharm, RPh

Henry Ford Ambulatory Pharmacy - Vice President

DromosPTM is A "Best in Class" software that simplifies the management of specialty pharmacy patients and maximizes the efficiencies of pharmacy staff.  This advanced technology enables my team of dedicated professionals to foster optimal patient outcomes and reinforce exceptional provider interactions as a standard of care.

Thomas G. Goddard, JD, PHD

Integral Healthcare Solutions - Chief Executive Officer

DromosPTM is a powerful tool for organizations applying for or maintaining national specialty pharmacy accreditations such as URAC, ACHC, and VIPPS. In my nearly 20 years of working with accreditation applicants, both as a reviewer and as a consultant, I have never seen a more comprehensive specialty pharmacy platform. It truly is a "one stop shop" with regards to clinically overseeing prior authorization processes, patient management programs, financial assistance services, and implementation of customized care plans. DromosPTM features and benefits map elegantly to the clinical requirements of the most specialty pharmacy accreditation standards. I highly recommend this software to any of our clients searching for a resource that will support their effort to comply with national accreditation standards.

Marcy Snell, PharmD, CSP

Pharmacy Advantage - Coordinator of Oncology Services

DromosPTM has allowed us to enhance the quality of care and resources available to our patients. We are able to track and coordinate specific therapeutic management programs for each of our patients to ensure safety and adherence.

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