Prior Authorizations

Manage the Prior Authorization process with the efficient queue based platform.

Patient Counseling

Detailed support designed to educate patients on improving compliance and therapeutic outcomes.

Electronic Faxing

Easily Send and Receive faxes electronically from within your DromosPTM workflows.

Financial Assistance

Track Financial Assistance programs to help patients’ access expensive therapies.

EnterpriseRx Integration

DromosPTM links to McKesson’s EnterpriseRx to exchange data, saving time and reducing errors.

Flexible Workflows

Use tag based workflows to quickly and easily update your internal processes with no code or configuration

Team Dashboard

View workloads and productivity levels in real time to effectively allocate team resources and assist

Physician Portal*

Prescribers can effortlessly fill out Medication Request Forms online to expedite the Prior Authorization

Patient Portal

Integrates with your pharmacy management system allowing patients to refill prescriptions and update addresses & phone

Manufacturer Reporting

We build and provide complex reports for manufacturers’ limited distribution medications.

Detailed Permissions

Finely grained permissions allow you to control specified features each staff member can access.

Hosted For You

DromosPTM is hosted in Amazon Web Services. All you need is a web browser.

* = Feature Currently Under Development